Born and raised in Grand Haven, Mi. 

Occasional photographer and gardener.

Aspiring powerlifter and web developer.


Currently, I live in Tallahassee, Florida. I teach 5th grade at Hawks Rise Elementary. You can visit my teacher webpage here. I also teach GED classes through Leon County Schools Adult and Community Education in Woodville, Florida. 

Previously, I lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and am a technology teacher at Milwaukee College Prep, Lloyd St. 



See my blog post "Off The Wall" for more on why this site exists. 


* * *


The views presented on this website (particularly but not exclusively on the blog) are mine alone. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, they do not represent the views of any individuals, institutions, or organizations with whom I work. 


Additionally, each blog post reflects my most current thinking on a topic at that time. As such, over time, contradictions and changes in my thinking may be apparent from post to post. This is a learning process, and a growing process.